Custom Fit Storage Solution

Hello Lancaster County Barns!

I am writing you to say thank you. I always wanted a shed and had planned to build one using the set of plans I had on hand for nearly 55 years. By the time I got desperate for a shed I realized that I needed a shed bigger than the set of plans diagramed.
BODY 2 & PHOTO 1 I knew after one look at Lowes or Home Depot and was convinced that there had to be something better out there. Thanks to an Internet search I found Lancaster County Barns. Your customer service was the best part of the experience. Your process allows the customer to custom build. It isn't possible to depict all of your possibilities in catalog form. Thankfully my customer representative was willing to listen to my ideas and not tell me "no" right away. Erika took the time to explain and research the different options that I wanted and construct the shed that I wanted, not trying to get me to buy one that was sitting on a lot in the middle of nowhere. Her commitment to my needs made me realize that I had made a good choice on where to spend my money. Once I had gotten my sales quote, estimated delivery and floor plan my order went to production and then came the delivery.
I was skeptical about my delivery and a bit anxious about the way it was explained, but the actual installation was excellent. My shed was put down in the heaviest rainstorm of the season. However, my driver did an excellent job to position the shed where I wanted without any mishaps.

Once I had my shed there was no break in required. The quality construction of the structure made custom fitting a breeze. I am really enjoying my shed.
I was also a little worried about purchasing my shed online without seeing the product that I was buying because my experience has been that you never really know what you are getting until it arrives. When my shed was delivered the quality met my expectations.

The thing that really made the difference in my purchase decision and overall happiness with your product was that it is one of the few genuine quality items still available and made in America.

I would definitely buy from Lancaster County Barns again and I am so confident in your product that I will be recommending your company to my friends and family.

Thank you,

Bob Slaughter